About Hattori Sangyo
About Hattori Sangyo

About Hattori Sangyo

In 1720’s, Hattori-Sangyo started its lumber business. Therefore, our history is more than 300 years.

Reasons why our business could have continued over centuries might be as follows;
One is that our business attitude is always honest for customers and local society. Another is that our business judgments are flexible enough for environmental changes.
Recent years our main sales items are domestic and imported lumber, including laminated-wood used for Japanese traditional wooden house, 2×4 lumber and plywood. We can provide various varieties of interior housing parts. We take advantage of networks of domestic and overseas lumber suppliers, and own wood-working facilities and functional warehouse for rapid delivery. Also recently we started a new service, architecture-CAD and wood-frame construction.

As long as we can, we all do our best for our business partners’ success and better solutions.

We have run Health & Fitness business, and fitness club named “La Grasse” since 2002.
The facility has machine gym, 2 lesson-studios,swimming-pool,and spa-area.
We do believe our gym and swimming school will contribute to regional people’s healthy life.


Name Hattori Sangyo Co.,Ltd
Sales Head 1-15 Kiba Tobishima-mura amagun Aichi Japan
Management Head 1-12-14 Kanayama Naka-Ku Nagoya Aichi Japan
Business started 1720
Foundation 18 May 1944
President Shinichi Hattori
Capital 88 million
Employees 100
Other Business Sport Club Operation LA GRASSE